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it occurred a few minutes after 6:00 p.m. last night we just arrived on scene we don't have much information yet to carry that led to the scene myself to see the devastation and seen a hundred and 70 houses that are either damaged or destroyed. were aware of the numerous fatalities that we responded to this serious was an 8 member investigation team. the investigator in charge is this for a vendor we've assembled a
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team of investigators to look at a variety of areas. we started with the operation looked at the pipeline, the installation of the pipeline that operation and maintenance, the history, the peak values of pressure that this pipeline to stand in the history of the values that it did was stand. look at the safeguards that are employed to prevent overpressure the pipeline. we look at all aspects of the pipeline. were forming a group to look at the human factors all the people that operate the pipeline trade will look at their experience, training, their history will look at whether they have alcohol in talks tacit they determine the condition at the time. we will look at what they're doing in the last few hours to see if they were fit heat in relation to the operators of a pipeline trade will be looking at the survival building factors will look at
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the emergency preparedness and what plans were in place by electric to respond to this. and what response actually occurred to this disaster. obviously were here because the enormous impact of this disaster on many lives and on the property and in that regard and to say on behalf of the ntsb we extend our condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy. in addition to our investigators we have family assistance specialist from the ntsb office our transportation disaster system there on scene to provide assistance and support to family members of the victims of this incident. for the next few days our investigators will be working on scene to thoroughly document the accident site and gather factual information to do it they can to determine what happened. the purpose of us being here and the reason why were gathering this
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information is not to understand what happened and why it happened and ultimately we will end up with recommendations to try and prevent this thing same thing from happening in the future. we will not determine probable cause while we're on scene and we will not speculate about what may have caused the accident. we're also not here to determine if plant liability. we're here specifically to determine cause and we will do that and a report will come out in 14 to 16 to 18 months depends on where we discovered across investigation carried in the course of the investigation if we find safety concerns that need immediate attention we will put out of the recommendations are other than waiting for the completion of the investigation carried or very interested in what witnesses may have reports of any one who is a witness to this was not yet been interviewed we would appreciate if you get in touch with the local authorities to tell them the information and it will give it to us. were just beginning investigation we don't have a
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great deal of factual information we will update you from time to time as we gather that starting with our our meeting that will be this evening and they will give you the details of that. as a final comment i would like to take a moment to thank all the first responders to the saxon that working very hard we appreciate all they have done in addition to all of the red cross is done to. i will not take a few questions. >> the amazing destruction the charred trees the area that was completely flat and the melted charred cars and houses that disappeared it was an amazing scene of destruction that was my immediate reaction. the question
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and we want to talk to residents who reported it smelled gas fumes will definitely want to talk to anybody who hasn't any impression current to this event. that would be perfect. the question is to know what pg&e has been cited by any other agencies that will be looking into in the course of the investigation. one more question please. at this point it's too early to speculate as to what may happen there was a section of the pipe that was blown out a hole and onto the streets that reflects the enormous hit of the explosion that took place the fact that this pipeline was blown the distance that it was out of the 's the magnitude.
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the question is that it is that unusual and the answer is the explosion thinking very much will have another peter will give you another in the next press. christopher hart h a r t. >> the next meeting will be tonight. tonight. (no audio) >> mr. christopher hard he's the vice chair of the ntsb were waiting for the official said bruno's and their view of what happened last night as they gathered the microphone to talk to reporters. while we wait long to begin to think they are beginning to listen now? all
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right we are waiting for them to get the order of the appearance by the various officials will gather there. interesting and that christopher hart said it was amazing scene of destruction. we certainly have been showing the pictures and on the right side of your screen you can see when of the homes that one up in flames. he said a section of the pipeline at the whole on to the streets. that tells him the magnitude of the explosion trade again we were talking last out about how quickly the fire spread to the trinity and that explosion of is the reason why. the ntsb will not be looking at who's to blame or liability but will be looking at the operation and maintenance and history of the pipeline how was installed, what safeguards are in place and mr. hart will also be looking at the human factor. the operators, training whether they were to take to they have enough experience was there any alcohol or toxic tass that need to be
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taken regarding in the people involved in the work for pg any in maintaining that particular pipeline. while we wait for the san bruno off officials to get assembled were going to take a quick break and come right back to bring you that news conference live.
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we are awaiting the second news conference the san bruno leaders that are gathering at that location shows the perils of the deaths of the station left behind from the gas line explosion and fire. also standing by the command center is our reporter dan carmen. at least we have a sense now of what the ntsb investigation were involved. >> which jumped out for me is that the ntsb reported there's an excess of zero hundred and 70 homes that and damaged or destroyed. i don't know if we've had at 170 #least not phrased that way. it's interesting if the looking at all kinds of things installation, operation and maintenance history and pressure in the pipeline carried the look of the team included what pg&e workers were
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involved in dealing with that pipeline. if they've had any use of alcohol if there is a take involved. they're going to be covering all the bay sisters and eight member investigative team in addition to that there's a family assistance team to help those who've had to deal with this devastation. >> dan, what's happening in terms of the next news conference? the >> next news conference was the acting governor he is here as is the fire chief in the other folks that we've seen for the day and during that news conference. at this point they're waiting on a couple other members to get here. that seems to be the whole look at this point. >> while we wait for that to happen were going to take a quick break and come right back as that news conference will begin shortly.
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continuing coverage of the san bruno gas line explosion fire on the right side of your screen shows you some of the devastation caused by this fire
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that occurred last night after the gas lines erupted and exploded. the left side of your screen is a news conference were waiting on now that will build these the state officials in the area they're still gathering in a soon as that news conference comes will take live. um let's check in with are what does the lender kimberly. >> i want to take and interactive image that i found on the l.a. times website what this is is first of all but the neighborhood looked like before the pipeline explosion. you see the pipeline explosions but as you scroll over you can see it change any could see exactly the neighborhood where those homes were destroyed and of your pictures of is talking about i can show exactly where the devastation they were up in a
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chopper to they around 1138 m traded these pictures you can see if complete homes still intact to surrounding the devastated areas where you really can't see anything from the homes left. again were taking pictures videos or comments go to we'll take them on alright >> can were waiting for several officials to begin a news conference there are couple people want their yet that's what's causing the delay. well they do that we have many reporters standing throughout the fires of area you want to give you a sense of exactly what's been going on all day today. >> some good news for folks who live on alpine way in san bruno please have take off the area. this is the intersection of san
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bruno ave encrust more drive. folks cannot enter be on this point but as the 3:00 fleas have allowed folks to go back to the one street there it's called alpine way. people want their id's which it can show their live on alpine way will be allowed to go back that's the list of elements in san bruno. kron 4 news. >> your the evacuation center in december no one of the things they provided for this place was fun phone and and that service. these are nice services to provide for people who may have had their communications not doubt. it's also necessary to get people back in touch with their loved ones. over the past a variety of emergency particles help connect families of been disconnected by disasters. in this case they're using the internet. as a website safe and are asking anyone who's been affected by the fire to sign up so that their family members and friends for trend of their cake and look
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on the web site and see they have indeed come checked into the evacuation center and they are alive and well. people are being given a free phone internet should not just to use those communications for whatever purposes they need the to sign up on the web site to make sure their family members and friends know they're ok. in san bruno kron 4 news. >> a lot of people still very much rattled by the gas flow explosion even know it's been an hour since that happened. people like eric who you live a block away? >> the block and have from the explosion it was terrifying yesterday traded some like an airplane coming down almost like a plane coming in for a landing. to someone go way and is there for probably two minutes to more and then this explosion conditions into our neighborhood. clearly i could see flames a thousand feet in the air and luckily had the wind shifted our direction to our house when consumed by fire
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appeared to win when the southern direction. >> your home in your neighborhood is for sap bloch's ok. >> right across the street with a total devastation. thanks so much terror " what you're ok. >> i spoke with one person in particular who said he and his father were burned out by the flames but the intense hot air that came their way in the and burns to their shoulders and face. reporting from the command center kron 4 news. >> another visit the neighborhood remains closed off investigators moving and the tactic in see the shot behind your this is a group of people who are wearing multiple colored jackets here. getting ready to go and and take a closer look as the painstaking investigation which is fall. people are here with pictures of what they've seen. people who barely got out he could see this picture on this person's camera flames exploding from. this is camera for michael is a got out his house is. ok but it is a bit
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scarred from the experience. >> that's one experience you did not want to experience again. it's very scary. just know it was supposed to have our home and our neighbors are completely burned down answer for it and to see that. we wish to people that did not the opportunity you don't be in here. >> no word on when homeowners are getting to look to see what damage is being done to their home. >> as we've been reporting a news conference is about to begin were waiting for state and local officials together for that. will take a break and come local officials together for that. will take a break and come right back. but what really happened? cnn -- not me --
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continuing coverage from december know the fire and explosion we're waiting for news conference at the left side of your screen. as we wait for the state and local officials to gather for an update for the
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public to know exactly what is transpired since the earlier update your is the rig senator screen is video from yesterday when this explosion and fire took off the one on for hours into the night. all it to the news conference to begin will check in with heather donaldson was a closer look at the area devastated by the explosion and fire. >> this is the crest more canyon community here. he see where the flames are they markhor the explosion happened at the intersection of claremont driving glenview drive. were going to take this: fly on and the hardest-hit area. lots of this neighborhood beginning with 900 glenview drive. now moving on to 1700 block of pearl ave. more homes destroyed there. more houses destroyed on the 1100 block their what drives and a lot the entire length of concord
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way affected by the fire. as i've said were waiting for state and local officials to gather. we have throughout the day he seemed carried part of the news conference held earlier today. let's check in now with cam our web producer. we just received an amazing video for one of our viewers. it was sent to us by a man while he said his parents' house was saved inside windsor court of claremont they don't have access to the home yet as many other people don't. he does say that his mother was in the house when the explosion happened she called him frantic he left his house in san bruno i could make it to the house so we left the car on some road just to get this video. he said his
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first video that you're looking at this is standing on skyline facing east. he also has a second video for restless pull this up so it can take a look. the second video amazing look at the flames and smoke he said he took the standing on claremont just before winter court facing south. when you look in this picture just look towards the back row of houses. they almost look like they're melting tar tilted to the side and the plums of smoke and flames just eat those homes up. were continuing to take your pictures, videos and any comments and stories you have about this natural gas explosion of >> as we look at those pictures kimberly as you know 38 houses were destroyed and all of this and today the ntsb chairman just moments ago mention that 170 houses were either damaged or destroyed at last count we were 38 carried will be getting up
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big numbers will we hear from state and local officials. the picture on the left side of your screen is the area where the news conference will be held. were trying to take that live as soon as this begins. i'm going to take a quick break and be right back.
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